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Imagine operating at optimal levels

to achieve purposeful and meaningful goals.


What is Personal Consulting / Coaching?

A Personal Consultant is a coach who assists others in identifying and achieving their goals. The coach will have developed their own expertise and life skills over many years, through personal success and failure. They also have a gift for helping others achieve their goals, and will have qualified – as a therapist, life coach or sometimes both – in ways to help others achieve their potential by working collaboratively with them.

A Personal Consultant therefore works in partnership with their clients. If you decide to work with a Personal Consultant you can expect that they will:

Personal Consultants are solution focused.  They do not spend time analyzing or worrying about problems and their causes, they are more interested in effects and outcomes.Though they have expertise, a Personal Consultant do not provide expert advice or instruction, they help their clients by identifying natural strengths and successes and building on them.

Personal Consulting helps the client improve and grow as a person, moving towards their goals and ambitions, amplifying and developing their creative mind-set and their life-skills as they do so.

The goals that are best suited for the process require clients to grow and improve as a person to accomplish them.

Personal Consulting is useful for:

The nature of the personal consultancy process requires that client and consultant to develop a confidential partnership that is mutually trusting, respectful and focused.

Success always belongs to the client, the Personal Consultant is the facilitator.

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